EGG Steering Committee

Rebecca Schlegel (EGG Chair)

Rebecca is a 2nd year PhD student at Swansea University trying to understand glacier dynamics using Geophysics

Johannes Landmann

Johannes is doing a PhD at ETH Zurich in the group of Daniel Farinotti. He works on finding a good strategy to get near-real time estimates of glacier mass balance in the Swiss Alps. To achieve this, he makes use of an approach that combines modeling with data assimilation of field data as well as remotely sensed observations.

Jade Cooley

Jade is a PhD candidate at the University of Lethbridge in Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences, writing a thesis entitled "Disentangling interrelated environmental factors of glacier mass balance: a study of fog, calving, sea ice, and geothermal heat flux on the Arctic volcanic island of Jan Mayen." Jade's interests include ice-volcano interactions, Arctic glaciers, spatial patterns and analysis, music, cats, and sword fighting.

Doug Brinkerhoff

Doug is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Montana, where he works on problems in uncertainty quantification in glacier models, subglacial hydrologic modelling, and computer vision applications in the Cryosphere.

Lauren Vargo

Lauren is purusing a PhD at Victoria University Welling that aims to develop a semi-automated method that revisits historical glacier imagery with photogrammetric Structure from Motion to quantify glacier fluctuations.

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