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Our young network help early-career students and researchers in their career debut and promote their incredible scientific work as well as all their creative and amazing activities inside and outside the snow and ice community. 


Dear Early-Career Scientists,

We hope that you and your families are doing well during these difficult times. As most of us are in the same situation, working from home, struggling to concentrate and trying not to think about COVID-19 all the time, we though we try to take your mind off these thought a bit by starting an EGG-blog where people can share their experience and pictures of moments during fieldwork. For some of us fieldwork did mean some kind of social distancing for some time, but with a more positive background.

How the blog works, we invite anyone who wants to share pictures, stories, quotes, video etc. about fieldwork to send them to egg[@]

That could even be a picture with a caption, small description, or some quotes. We will kick off the blog with some stories the EGG committee has to share, but this is supposed to be a casual/informal blog, where nobody has to worry about the quality of English or to include scientific work.

Really excited to hear your fieldwork stories.

Stay safe,

The EGG’s chair, Rebecca Schlegel and the EGG Steering Committee.

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