EGG Help Forum

IGS EGG are excited to announce a new online help forum aimed at providing a safe, non-judgemental space for peer-to-peer support and networking within the early career glaciology community (spanning Masters, PhD students and ECRs)!

The IGS EGG Help Forum is set up on the online platform Discord with access to various text channels spanning coding, geospatial and dataset help, sharing exciting glaciological news and achievements and space for networking with your glaciological colleagues from across the world! We hope this will build new and exciting supportive and collaborative relationships within the glaciology ECR community!

To join:

1) Head to the Discord website ( where you can download the app (for any operating system) or alternatively open in your browser

2) Register and create your Discord account choosing a unique username and password. Look out for a verification link sent via email! (You may also be asked to verify your mobile phone number to enhance security). If you already have a Discord account you can disregard this step.

3) Once verified and logged in, the left-hand column of your screen will be available to join servers. Click the “+” (add server) button and paste the IGS EGG Help Forum link

4) Upon joining, you will be asked to read and accept server terms before commenting and interacting with the channels and others. Channels will be monitored by the IGS EGG committee to ensure the safety and security of members. Any problems or concerns you may have, please feel free to email us.

Welcome to the forum! 

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